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How to Choose the Best House Painting Color

Painting or repainting your house is the cheapest way of spicing up its look. It is the fastest way to jumpstart to makeover your home and increases the curb appeal of your home.

In this article, we will walk through the process of choosing house painting color.

Which House Paint Color Combinations Should You Choose?

Colors come in a wide variety of sheens. It comes either in oil or latex paint. Latex paints are widely used because it is easy to clean up and it doesn’t fade out easily. There’s less blistering as well. Latex is highly recommended for most household use. Oil paint works well on priming wood moldings and trims. When using oil paint plan for a more drying time because it requires a longer time to dry. When it comes to brands, there are a lot of house painting color brands. Choose one which is recommended by your contractor like the Madani Group Painting.

Choosing the Right Sheen

When it comes to painting sheens: the higher the sheen, the higher the shine and the more it will be durable. Flat is just flat; there’s no shine. Eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss are in between sheens, but each has its purpose.

Here are some recommended sheens to use:

Family Room

It must be easily clean and can stand up to high traffic. Satin finish is the best sheen.


The paint must be easy to clean and durable. The best paint is high gloss or semi gloss finish. Looking to renovate your house, check out Forever Spaces kitchens & bathrooms to get the best services.

Dining Room

It requires clean, smooth looking walls for a low traffic space. You can use eggshell finish.


The bedroom needs high pigment wall coverage so that you can use flat or matte finish.

What Paint Type is Perfect for You?

1. High-Gloss

High-gloss paints are the most convenient and easiest to clean of all sheens. This is good for cabinets, edging, and doors. Its practical application is for kitchens, doors, and window edging.

2. Semi Gloss

This is ideal for rooms which have moisture or rooms which use water. Practical application is kitchens, bathrooms, edgings.

3. Satin

It is easy to clean and recommended for high traffic areas. The biggest issue though is application flaws are obvious such as brush strokes. It is best for family rooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms, and children’s bedrooms.

4. Eggshell

It is practical for dining rooms and living rooms.

Flat or Matte

If you have something to conceal use this sheen. It gives the largest coverage, but it is not easy to clean. It is best for adults bedroom and other rooms which are not high in kid traffic.

How to Choose the House Painting Color?

If you have plans to sell your home, it is best to choose white or off white color to allow the buyer to cover the wall with their chosen color.

Applying color is best too. Use the hundreds of colors available at your local paint store. The best way is to use the color wheel. We know that primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Mixing any of these will give secondary colors. Colors opposite each one complement each other.

Your paint contractor is expert in choosing colors, and they will help you decide. It depends on what look you want to achieve: subtle and soothing look; elegant look; vibrant look.


If you are on a budget but you want to spice up the look of your home, do an overall repainting job. You have to use professional contractors for this job to achieve the best look.

If you are painting your home very soon, be sure to keep your things unpainted. Cover it with cloth or temporarily rent a storage space until your home is ready for another homey experience.

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Organize Your Household Tasks with a House Cleaning Chore List

Do You Have Trouble Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Household?

Cleaning your house with a chore list

Have you tried assigning household chores to each member of your household and yet, at the end of the week, you still end up seeing your home in clutter? Or maybe, everyone did all their jobs and yet you are still left with many to do housecleaning chores.

Maybe you are having some trouble not only with delegating tasks but also with organizing your house cleaning chore list.

What Is A House Cleaning Chore List?

Chore list, also called chore calendars or chore chart, is a chart of household tasks that is used to organize and track household work. House cleaning chore lists are often used by parents to make sure that the assigned tasks are completed by everyone in the house. Chore charts can be in the form of a hard copy or and be monitored virtually.

Get a Maid Complete house cleaning checklist now for an easier organization and assigning of house cleaning tasks.

A house cleaning chore list is made to have a more organized delegation of household tasks which can be monitored more easily.

Household tasks vary on how heavy the task can be and how often they should be done. In a housecleaning checklist, tasks are sorted out based on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are those that has to be done daily to keep your home clean and mess free. These include sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, vacuuming, feeding the pets, keeping the bathrooms clean, doing the laundry, preparing the meals, and the daily list goes on.

Household Chore ListWeekly Household Tasks

Weekly chores are the house cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done every day but still have to be addressed regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and mess. These chores may include but are not limited to mopping the floor, wiping the windows, taking the trash, washing the car, and lawn and garden cleaning tasks such as removing the weeds and mowing the lawn.

Monthly Tasks

Monthly tasks are cleaning tasks in areas that don’t easily get dirty. This can include cleaning your fridge, bathing your pets, washing the windows and cleaning the blinds, checking out the house filters, cleaning the air conditioners, and vacuuming or replacing the curtains.

Yearly Cleaning Tasks

Annual tasks can be those that require heavy cleaning and maintenance such as clearing out the garage, trimming trees, checking the roofings and pipes, and cleaning the exterior sidings.

Housecleaning chores can also be subdivided into those that needs to be cleaned per areas such as tasks for the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and lawn. If you have kids, you can let them help by creating a household checklist for kids. This can help them be trained to become more responsible as they grow.


Organize your house cleaning tasks. Make a house cleaning chore list or get one online to help you have a more systematic delegation and tracking of your household chores.

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Tools That Every Heating and Air Conditioning Technician Must Have

Do You Already Have The Tools You Need As An Hvac Technician?

Top tools every hvac technician must have

Being a Classic Air Conditioning & Heating technician, it is crucial to have your own tools ready whenever you are called for work. Have you already got them all prepared?

Here Are The Basic Tools That Every Hvac Technician Must Have:

1. Cordless Drill

One of the most essential tools of an HVAC technician is a battery operated drill. You are more likely to drill holes to repair and install HVAC appliances. In some cases, your drilling spot is far from an electric outlet, a cordless drill would be a great tool for you.

2. Bits

You’ll need different bits for your drill. This depends on the type of material you will be drilling and how you drill it, so getting a whole set of bits is highly recommended, so you won’t have to compromise with your drilling when the bits that are needed in a particular work in not available in your set of tools.

3. Tape Measure

You always see an HVAC technician hanging a tape measure on the side of their pants. Tape measures are one of the most basic tools for HVAC technicians. To be safe, have a tape measure than extends up to 25 or even 30 feet.

4. Hammer

Some technicians have different hammers with them for different materials such as with cement or metal. But generally, a basic hammer can already serve its function.

5. Screwdrivers

Like the bits, it is also recommended that you have a set of screwdrivers, of different types and sizes. There are many screwdrivers in hardware stores that are already sold in sets, so they aren’t that hard to find at all.

6. Multi-meter

You will also be working on live electrical wires. A multi-meter lets you check if the wire has an electric charge or if it is a dead wire. This is both for safety and for repairing purposes.

7. Wire cutters

As said above, you will be dealing with wires. You will be joining and cutting wires, so it is important for you to have a wire cutter, too.

8. Pipe Wrench

The adjustable or pipe wrench is used to turn iron pipes for gas lines and plumbing works. HVAC technicians often go to this kind of work, so it’s important to have your own adjustable wrench.

9. Pliers

Have a set of different pliers for your HVAC works. It is also highly recommended that you choose those pliers with insulated handles to keep you safe when working with live wires.

Top heating and air conditioning technician bag10. Tool Bag

Lastly, you’ll be needing a tool bag to store all your HVAC tools. Select one that is handy enough but can still hold all your tools in one box.


Being in this field of work, it is important that you have all your tools ready. The client may call you for just a simple work and yet when you arrive you see that there is a lot more work to do. So always have them prepared and bring them all with you all the time.

Cost of and Best Way to Install Driveway Paving Bricks

Driveways need special attention and maintenance. You should be as attentive to it as how you are attentive to your lawn care. Driveways need materials that will stay pleasing to the eye and functional through time. Bricks are one of these materials. Like cobblestones and concrete, clays have been used a million times to make a lovely driveway that can hold up. When you’re planning to install driveway paving bricks, the first things you consider are how much it will cost and how you will install them. Here, we will share insights and tips on both topics so you can make an informed decision for your driveway.

Driveway Pavers Cost per Square Foot

According to an asphalt driveway paving contractor, the driveway pavers cost per square foot ranges from $5 to $10. That is a lot cheaper than natural stone pavers which tend to cost anywhere from $6 to $50 per square foot. The pricing may depend on a lot of factors such as your location (some areas have higher pricing), the rate of your contractors, materials, and others.

If you want to save a little money in the process, here are a few tips. First, get a local asphalt paving contractor. Local contractors tend to offer more discounts and any help they can to help you save money. Plus, the pricing would be on par with the local standard pricing. Second, shop around for high-quality bricks on discount. Get your hands on coupons and whatever mechanisms that help customers save money.

Driveway Pavers Do It Yourself: A Practical Alternative?

Many homeowners prefer to driveway pavers do it yourself methods since they can save big in labor fees, and many of them have had incredible success with their driveways. With the right preparation and installation techniques, they managed to install driveway paving bricks just like how pros can.

But for some who do not have any prior experience in any DIY home repairs and installations, driveway pavers do it yourself methods can be a bad idea. Installing brick driveways requires finesse and expertise from preparing the base all the way to putting final touches to make sure that your bricks won’t start to chip and tear apart after a few use. If you’re one of those who is not confident about getting a little handy around the house, it’s best to look for an asphalt driveway paving contractor who will do a great job for you.

How to Find a Good Asphalt Paving Contractor

The first thing you want to look for in an asphalt paving contractor is if they have proven and extensive experience in installing brick driveways. Ask for photos of driveway paving bricks they installed, or better yet, visit a previous client of theirs and check out the driveway. See if they are still functional and beautiful after some years of use. Narrow down your choices to three contractors and base your final decision on how well the contractors explain anything you’re unsure about, scheduling, and pricing.

Driveway paving bricks are a great addition to your home if installed and maintained properly. To get the best possible results, get quotations of driveway pavers cost per square foot from at least three contractors. Hiring the right asphalt paving contractor will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Essentials of Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance and cleaning

Front yards are one of the first things people notice when they go around neighborhoods. As part of a house’s façade, a visually pleasing lawn frequently reflects the kind of residents that a home has. To put it simply, your garden can give people impressions about you and your household! Also, many states and cities also set guidelines for lawn maintenance and hence, Lawn Care is not only essential to maintaining a beautiful frontage, but it also prevents you from paying fines by not following ordinances!

Phases of Lawn Maintenance

Having a green thumb is not necessary for your Lawn Care. Frontage maintenance is usually simple, and with proper research, you might just as well do it on your own! Basic lawn care maintenance involves several phases. These are listed as follows:

(1) Scheduling period – otherwise known as the planning phase, it is during this phase where you appropriate days when to execute tasks for lawn care and maintenance. Typically, this is synched with certain days in a particular season which is deemed optimal for outdoor labor

(2) Gathering Phase – collecting lawn care equipment and buying needed materials before execution is necessary to save time and going behind schedule

(3) Implementation Phase – this is the actualization of your scheduled activities (such as mowing, trimming, watering, etc.)

(4) Maintenance Phase – involves keeping your lawn at a state which follows certain guidelines

While each aspect of lawn maintenance is important, the gathering step is crucial, especially since having the right equipment and materials can make your work less laborious.

Lawn care essentials

Lawn Care Must Haves

Maintaining the optimal conditions of your lawn can be challenging but, tools and equipment are available in the market. Most of these tools are affordable and can even help you do your work more efficiently. To make sure that you maximize your output in lawn care, it is necessary to have:

(1) a mower (walk behind or driven) for a larger and faster grass trimming coverage
(2) a trimmer/weed eater to even out uneven patches of grass
(3) An edger to make distinct outlines along the edges of your lawn
(4) Cleaning materials (dust pans, brooms, leaf bags, and rakes)
(5) Protective Gear (such as goggles, gloves, and mask) to help prevent or minimize injuries

If you don’t have time to do the maintenance on your own, there is also another option – hiring lawn care service contractors.

Busy? Hire Someone Else Instead

Before you hire lawn maintenance contractors, you must consider timing. Most service providers become fully booked at certain dates in every season. It is important that you book them in advance for them to prioritize you should the lawn care season start. It is also important to consider the services that a contractor can provide, so looking across several companies and comparing their brochures wouldn’t hurt. After all, you will want to make sure that you are getting the service that you will be paying for. Lawn maintenance services may vary depending on their packages. It is important that you set a budget and see what kind of services is available for your allocation. Clear and efficient communication can also help you ensure that you will get what you want. Upon hiring, be clear about your instructions and collaborate with the workers to avoid misunderstandings.

The way your front lawn looks like gives people an impression of what kind of person you are. Proper maintenance is necessary to prevent having a chaotic yard and getting fined due to negligence. If you want to be hands-on with its care, you should carefully plan out and meticulously execute your tasks using the essential equipment necessary for lawn care. If you find it hard to give it some time, hiring a contractor is another option for you to consider. In doing so, you must make sure that there is a proactive interaction between you and your contractor to ensure that you get the output that you want.

Exterior Door Installation and Important Factors

Exterior doors are reflections of who lives in that home. It’s not only about your family getting in and out your home. Added value and attraction is another key factor.

There are crucial points to consider in an exterior door installation. That is what this article means to talk about.

Key Points to Focus in Exterior Door Installation

What’s with exterior doors that add curb appeal to a house? Apart from the safety it gives, it provides beauty and increases the value of your home.

Budgetary Needs

Every project, big or small requires money. Like other home improvement projects, installing exterior door is an investment. Investing in something requires careful planning. To ascertain the costs, you must determine a few things like the features included in the new door; the estimated life; weather resistance; hardware costs, etc.


The material required depends on your choice. Common types of entrances are wood, steel, and fiberglass.


The size differs according to homeowners preference. Typically an exterior entry door is 80 inches in height, 36 inches in width and thickness is almost 2 inches. Some doors are wide enough that requires a double door.


Consider the architectural design of your house. If your house is a traditional one choose a style which fits and complements. You can ask help from your architect or interior designer friend. If you are hands on, check available resources in the internet or remodeling magazines.

Exterior Door Installation Costs

Variation of exterior door installation cost is dependent on many things. Installing a door is unpredictable at times. With it comes the cost you will incur in replacing an entrance. Beyond contracting professionals, there are points to consider in installing exterior door:

Exterior Doors are More Expensive Than Interior Doors

They are heavier and thicker which makes them harder to work with and this factor increases the installation cost.

Cost of Replacing an Entry Is Lower Than Installing a New One

Existing holes are already in place. The contractors need to fit in the new door. Installing a new door incurs more labor cost.

The Type of Door Also Alters Exterior Door Installation Cost

Traditional doors are at the lower end of the spectrum. There are other styles of sliding entryway, French doors, bi-fold, pocket doors, etc. Some of these types require more construction work and maintenance. Using these may increase the cost.

Material of the Door Matters

Installing exterior doors cost more than interior ones do. Exterior doors are made more durable. Homeowners who invest in pricey and sturdy types of entryways spend more money than the cheaper types.

Door Frames Impact the Cost of Installation

No amendments will be made if the door frames are still fine or in good shape. However if it requires replacement due to rotting, then cost increases.

Final thoughts

Replacing or installing exterior door makes your house more alluring to your visitors and it increases curb appeal. It’s just like landscaping your lawn, an awesome entryway adds beauty to your home. Investing in exterior doors is a no brainer.  Contracting the services of professionals is a wise thing after all your entry way is an extension of you.


Lawn Care Service

Seeing your very well manicured emerald green lawn relaxes you. When your eyes rest on the greeneries at home you forget about the negativity in the office. But admittedly the demands of your kids and in your office are reasons you have considered contracting lawn care service.

This article discusses the reasons for lawn care service; standard lawn care service; and things to consider in contracting professionals.

Reasons Why You Need Lawn Care Service:

It prevents your lawn from pests and diseases. Fire ants are damaging to the lawn and your family as well. Each season different problems occur. Some diseases prevail during summer and others during cooler weather. Regular lawn care service easily corrects the issues.

Maintaining lawn care service adds beauty to your home. Home-buyers consider visual attractiveness as an important factor in deciding to purchase a new home. If your garden is well maintained it gives a good first impression which lasts to the buyer.

Well manicured lawns is a great play area for your kids. Your children can play outdoors with other neighborhood kids. If your lawn is well maintained they love rolling on the green grasses. But during summer where there is drought and yards are exposed to diseases grasses become brown. Lawn service prevents this from happening.

It is eco-friendly to maintain a green lawn. Grasses naturally filter dirt and dust from your environment. This is why maintaining lawn service is good for the environment and to your yard.

Hiring The Best Lawn Care Technicians

Standard Lawn Care Service

There are variances in packages offered by different professional lawn care service companies. Lawn Care St. Louis offers excellent packages for you. However, a standard service typically provides the following:

  1. Lawn maintenance. Regular lawn mowing.
  2. Treatment assessment. Professional contractors evaluate the current health of your lawn. They create a treatment plan for your yard to boost the health and maintain its greenery.
  3. Fertilizing. Apply fertilizers to keep the grasses emerald green and alluring.
  4. Insect and weed control. Maintenance works ensure that insects and weeds are eradicated.
  5. Aerating the soil to avoid soil compaction. Soil aeration makes grasses grow green and lush.

What Are the Things to Consider in Choosing Home Lawn Care Service

Are you weighing things over and over again? You wish you had all the time to do lawn maintenance yourself. But giving the job to professional lawn care gives you more time to play with your children. Or do other productive things like starting a blog. Deciding for a lawn care service is a no brainer.

In hiring contractors identify which specific areas or tasks will they take care of and what remains as homeowner’s task. Be specific with them about the materials or pesticides and fertilizers they need to use. If you prefer inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, then it must be stipulated in the contract. This is teamwork between homeowners and contractors. If you are not paying for the full package, then it is your responsibility to water and mow the lawn.

Essentially, you as homeowner and lawn service contractors must clear communicate with each other. Everything must be laid out on the table.

Lawn Care Service

Wrap Up:

If you want your home to attain visual attractiveness, then hire professional lawn care service to maintain it. Just like you would hire a an expert to handle your TV aerial installation, do yourself a favor and let a professional handle it so you will have more time for your productivity endeavors.

Must Know Lawn Care Basics and Common Lawn Problems

Your lawn conveys a message about you, and a well-maintained one makes you feel good about yourself. It will be an envy of the neighborhood. It is lawn goals in your area.

This article is an answer to your long time question about lawn care basics and how to deal with common lawn problems.

Lawn Care Problems

Lawn Care Basics

Taking care of your lawn the natural way is the best thing you can do to be eco-friendly. To avoid dependence on organic fertilizers ensure to have a healthy lawn. Implement some changes to improve the health of your lawn by doing it the natural way:

1. Enhance the soil fertility. Have some soil testing first. Send soil samples to a laboratory or have a pH tester. Normal pH should read between 6.5 to 7.0. Too acidic soil needs lime to make it alkaline. Next, is check if the soil is well aerated. Grasses grow best on loamy soil. If your soil is too compact, you can rent lawn care service to do the job. Add some organic matter like compost and grass clippings to improve the ground.

2. Choose a type of grass which is abundant in the locality. Grasses adapt to the kind of climate in the area. If a certain variety abounds in the area that means it quickly grows in your location.

3. Water your lawn, but don’t overdo it. Watering your lawn allows the grass to develop its roots well. Let your lawn dry a little before watering again. Schedule it early in the morning for optimum results. Normally, lawns require an inch of water only.

4. Mow your lawn often, however, don’t cut it too short. Cutting it too short exposes the roots and dries the soil quickly. Soil aeration is reduced then.

5. Watch out for too much thatch. Grass propagates thatch which accumulates on the top soil. Reduce the layer of thatch. Too much accumulation prevents nutrients and water from seeping through the soil. Aerate the soil frequently.

Most Common Lawn Problems and How to Deal with Them

Maintaining Your LawnLack of Sunlight

If your lawn is shaded, then you are having problems. Grasses love the sunlight. An alternative way is to prune the branches of the trees shading the grasses. Otherwise, you can search for variety which tolerates shades like sweet woodruff.


This is a weed which makes the lawn lose its beauty. You can use an inorganic herbicide, but the best alternative is to apply corn meal. Don’t cut the grass too short for this will enhance crabgrass growth.

Thin Patchy Grass

Collect soil samples and send it to a laboratory otherwise have your own acidity tester kit. Typically this problem is caused by soil pH. Lime will be added to acidic soil and sulfur for too alkaline soil.

Bald Spots

Weeds grow easily in vacant spaces. To correct this, dig the empty or bare space. Apply some compost or any organic matter to make the soil loamy. If it is ready, you can start planting new grass.

The Presence of Grub

Have your lawn evaluated by professionals. They’ll determine if your lawn can or can’t tolerate grab.

Why Should You Ask Help for Lawn Problems?

Lawn treatment should be given to professionals only. Primarily they have trained technicians who are experts in treating the soil conditions, pests and diseases. Next is you don’t have time to take care of your lawn. You are a busy person, and normally lawn care needs at least 5 hours a week. You’ll get better results from experts.