Lawn Care Maintenance: Hire Contractors or Do It Yourself?

Basics Of Managing Your LawnWhat is your lawn goals? Some people are so obsessed with very well manicured and lush green yards. Some don’t care much about lawns. It’s the least of their concern. Lawn care maintenance depends on your priorities.

This article discusses tackles about lawn care maintenance, having a weekly schedule and choosing between hiring contractors or doing it yourself.

Basic Lawn Care Maintenance

A beautiful yard starts with selecting the right grass. Choosing the right grass depends on the season.

Cool season grass grows well in the northern parts of the United States, while warm season grasses suit well in the south of the country. Test the soil first before planting. Do some soil amendments if needed.

Select the right grass for your lawn. To be safe select the type which thrives well in your locality or better yet asks advice from a professional lawn care maintenance company.

Seed Your Lawn

But before anything else ensure that your lawn has healthy soil. If you haven’t applied soil amendments, do so before seeding. Don’t apply chemical herbicide before planting. It prevents your grass from growing.


Your lawn grass grows lush green by fertilizing it. Fertilizing promotes leaf and root growth. It reduces damage from pests and weeds.

Mow Your Lawn

Mow your lawn properly to increase its density. Find out what type of grass you have and mow accordingly. You can ask advice from your friendly lawn care maintenance service.

Lawn Care Maintenance Weekly Schedule

You can achieve a lush lawn beneath your feet, but you want to have your weekends where you can play with your children. Could you have both? Yes, you can if you maintain a weekly schedule. Here’s a suggested weekly schedule:


Typically lawns are fertilized once or twice in early spring and the fall. Partition your lawn into sections, then fertilize one section a week. Do this week after week until the whole lawn is covered. The time required: 30 minutes more or less depending on the area.


Purchase an irrigation system with a built-in sensor. Watering depends on the weather. It’s advised to water less frequently but deeply to ensure healthy root system. Just program the irrigation system depending on the lawn size.


A weekly cut is enough during summer and fall season, but in the spring mowing should be done twice a week. The time required: at least one hour depending on the area.


Buy a quality edge trimmer and trim edges at least once a week. The time required: thirty minutes to one hour depending on the size.


In early spring, apply herbicides and check for the presence of weeds. Treat if required through the summer. The time required: thirty minutes depending on the area.

Remove Hazardous Trees

All throughout the year, Matrix Roofing gets calls from homeowners who have roof damage as the result of a fallen tree. If you are concerned that a tree may be hazardous, call a local tree service to get advice.

Proper Law CareHire or Do-It-Yourself?

Choosing to hire or do-it-yourself depends on a person’s priorities. Lawns may not be number one in your list or you may have some obsession with lawns. The question is do you want to hire professional people.

There are some important things you have to remember. Typically lawn care maintenance companies don’t offer full services, so mowing and watering are your responsibilities. Without your effort then it will not look good as you wish.

Consider the added cost other than their services. There are expenses like fertilizers, herbicides, etc. If you opt for inorganic materials, talk to the contractors. The important thing is you communicate well with them if you hire one.


Now you know the basics of lawn care. If you have the luxury of time you can do lawn maintenance by yourself. Its just having your weekly schedule to achieve lush greens, if you choose to.

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