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Tips On Choosing a Safe Self-Storage Space

How assured are you of the security of your self-storage space?

A self-storage is a space which can be rented to store one’s things and other possessions. Things that are kept in a storage space can be valuable such as computers, air conditioners, sofas, dining tables, and other things that are of value. Because of this, tenants sure be assured that the storage space they are renting are safe and secure especially from theft.

That is why, before renting out a self-storage space, make sure that the storage facility you are renting provides the place and your space adequate security measures for the safety of your belongings. And if you are looking for a self storage space singapore, this article will guide you in choosing one.

These Are the Six Security Measures of a Safe and Secure Self-Storage Space

1. Secure Locks

Your storage space must be kept secure, and should not be easily intruded by anyone. For this, you will need a strong, secure lock. See to it that they provide you with a strong, good quality lock. Short, thick-handled locks make the best locks in self-storage spaces since they are difficult to be cut by bolt cutters.

2. Tied up with the Local Police Department

Many storage spaces are tying up with the local police department. It is better that you ask the storage facility if they are collaborating with the local police department, and know how often they drove around the place.

3. Monitor People Coming in and Out

A storage space facility has to monitor the people coming in and out of the place and not just let anybody enter. Log books or log in and out systems can help monitor the spaces in the place. If something happens, they can check who are inside the place when the event occurred.

4. Video Surveillance Cameras

Having surveillance cameras installed in the storage space facility can help with monitoring the people who are coming in and out of the place. Although these cameras don’t really prevent burglars from intruding, they are used to review what happened during the burglary, how burglars were able to intrude into the place, and in some cases, recognize the burglars.

5. Access Control Systems

Some space storage facilities have access control systems where tenants are given individual cards, codes, or remotes to enter the facility. This gives exclusivity to the renters, ensuring that only those with access to the facility can enter.

6. Individual Door Alarms

Another renter may just also be the one to intrude into a corner’s unit. Individual door alarms give alerts unauthorized users enter a storage unit. This helps prevent units from burglaries, though not every storage spaces provide individual door alarms.


Not all storage spaces provide equal security measures so better take an initiative in securing your items, too. Secure more valuable items in corners that are hard to reach from the door of your storage space. Makes sure also that the doors are built to last. When a burglar enters your unit, he usually grabs the things nearest him and escapes right away to avoid being caught. So organizing of your self-storage unit also helps a lot.